Hay Fever

Relieve your hay fever – and enjoy the outdoors.

If you find yourself dreading a change of season, or constantly checking the pollen count, it’s time to take action.

There is relief…

Help relieve your itchy eyes and throat, runny nose and constant sneezing – with salt therapy.

Many of our clients experience relief from their hay fever after regular salt therapy sessions.

In fact, some even notice they can last an entire season free from hay fever symptoms.

This means greater comfort and freedom – all year round.

How does Drift Salt Therapy eases hay fever?

  • Salt therapy helps relieve congestion, inflammation and allergies of the airways.

  • As salt is a natural antihistamine, inhaling it can help alleviate your allergies and reduce irritation.

How often does Drift Salt Therapy help?

The salt also thins your mucus and makes it less sticky, so it’s easier to dislodge and expel – along with pathogens, debris and pollutants. Three sessions close together is what is recommended for the salt therapy to start to work although many report a big change after one.

Other Conditions that Salt Therapy can help with 


With regular salt therapy, many people report less coughing, less congestion – and easier breathing.

Eczema and Psoriasis

Help soothe intense, burning and painful itching – with salt therapy.

Hay Fever

Relieve your hay fever with Salt Therapy – and enjoy the outdoors


Help relieve the pain and pressure of sinusitis – with salt therapy.

Cold and Flu

Are you struggling to fight off the cold and flu? It might be time to try salt therapy.

Sleep and Snoring

Salt therapy can have a natural relaxing effect on the body and help stimulate sleep.

Stress, Anxiety and Burnout

In our relaxing salt therapy rooms, you’ll find the perfect place to unwind and be present.

Sports Recovery and Endurance Training

Many professional and amateur athletes have incorporated salt therapy into their training and recovery regimes.

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