Bookings are available 6 days a week. Closed Tuesday and open Monday to Sunday. You may check our free slots here by clicking book now, and when you have seen the slot you want-can book online right now, WhatsApp with your email and full name and what you want, or call us…..

-Please note- we have an adult shared room (max 4 people but can be booked out and fit 5 for 70 euro)

-Our family room is a private salt room (2 adults 2 kids)

-Then we also have a one person red light booth to combine with salt therapy for private use and treat eczema and psoriasis,

For more information, contact us or feel free to call us at +353 (85) 875 1142.

1 Session
3 Sessions
10 Sessions
Adult Room
€60 (20 each)
€160 (16 each)
1 Hour Adult Salt Therapy Session for 1 person, NOTE; This room can be booked out private for a cost of 70 euro. 5 adult chairs inside and space for children. PLEASE PHONE TO BOOK PRIVATE ROOM or enter ‘private’ in discount code after selecting all 4 seats
Salt Session – Private Family Room
This room can hold two adults and two small (possibly a 3rd) children and is private
Red Light Therapy + Salt Therapy Booth

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