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Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely! RLT has an extensive track record of effectiveness. Thousands of studies have shown that this drug-free and natural process is beneficial. RLT can treat a wide range of issues including but not limited to, skin conditions, arthritis, inflammation, dementia, tendonitis, hair loss, dental pain, and osteoarthritis. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, Red Light Therapy is a rousing success. Learn more about our Red Light Therapy.

Your treatment can be delivered sitting, lying down, or standing. It’s up to you. Your lamp can be hung above you, placed standing on a table or on the floor, or positioned on your bed so you can relax while experiencing the benefits of our lamps.

According to studies, utilizing Red Light Therapy three to seven times a week is when it is most effective. Once you begin to see significant improvements, you can scale back how often you use the treatment.

The top two considerations are right after you wake up or in the evening before you go to sleep. Studies have shown that there are great benefits to using RLT in the morning can provide a surge of energy to aid you during the day. On the other side, using RLT in the evening has shown a significant chance of improving sleep patterns. The choice is up to you!

We offer a 50/50 ratio of 660nm red light and 850nm near-infrared light. Through extensive testing and studies, we found this combination to provide the best results. Our lamps are fitted with switches so you can use either wavelength. If you want to use both, you’re able to do that as well.

It’s not damaging to the eyes, but we do recommend wearing protection, which we provide!

Absolutely! Your comfort and health are our top priorities. Our qualified professionals are available to provide guidance on everything from what device to choose and treatment for specific conditions to maximizing the benefit from your session. Reach out anytime by phone on (085) 875 1142, email, WhatsApp, or social media and we will be glad to chat and help.

Most people will start seeing some difference in energy almost immediately; their skin “glow” becomes more noticeable. For dramatic effects, you have to use it for eight weeks consistently.

You may start seeing results right away for joint pains and muscle soreness. For others, it could take as much as 8 hrs after use for the full effects to come to play.

For a more systemic whole-body wellness—like growing your muscles during strength training—it can take several weeks to see full effects. We recommend using it 3-7 times a week for the best results.

If you apply too much red light, you’re adding more stress to your cells—and that may be counterproductive. Stick to less than 10-15 mins per area per day to be in the safe zone. Going beyond that limit takes away the positive effects.

If you have been unwell or suffering from symptoms for some time, your body will most likely start to detox with Red Light Therapy. This is a good thing, but it is essential that it is controlled and happens slowly. This is why we recommend you start at half the recommended dosage and gradually build it up over a few weeks. Being tired after treatment is a classic sign of a detox reaction. Hydration is essential for your treatment.

There has been no clinical research on red light therapy treatments for pregnant or nursing subjects. Do not use the device if pregnant or lactating before consulting with your healthcare provider.

How can Salt Therapy help you?


With regular salt therapy, many people report less coughing, less congestion – and easier breathing.

Eczema and Psoriasis

Help soothe intense, burning and painful itching – with salt therapy.

Hay Fever

Relieve your hay fever with Salt Therapy – and enjoy the outdoors


Help relieve the pain and pressure of sinusitis – with salt therapy.

Cold and Flu

Are you struggling to fight off the cold and flu? It might be time to try salt therapy.

Sleep and Snoring

Salt therapy can have a natural relaxing effect on the body and help stimulate sleep.

Stress, Anxiety and Burnout

In our relaxing salt therapy rooms, you’ll find the perfect place to unwind and be present.

Sports Recovery and Endurance Training

Many professional and amateur athletes have incorporated salt therapy into their training and recovery regimes.

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